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Our mission is to make students more successful and universities more profitable by identifying smarter study sequences for each student, in every program, under all circumstances.

The Problem

Modern curriculum is complex and difficult to navigate. When students follow flawed study plans, their learning suffers. Enthusiasm turns to exhaustion, poor performance, and often to withdrawal. It’s causing universities significant avoidable revenue loss, reputational damage, and administrative strain.

The Solution

An intelligent system designed by award-winning academics and experienced program advisors to automatically identify better study sequences for each student in every program using best-practice curriculum design and effective learning principles.

Innovation in Action

Key features to anticipate in the next release of the StudyPlanner app

Screenshot of course selection tool* (click to enlarge)

Optimal study enrolment sequencing

Automates the identification of optimised course sequences for full-time and part-time students.


Smart allocation

Sequences courses optimally across semesters and terms, based on course availability.


Personalised guidance

Considers completed courses, prerequisites, and other requirements to formulate individualised study sequences.

Versatile and adaptable

Supports students changing programs and universities updating their curriculum.


Accurate and accessible

Assists students and advising staff in determining optimal study sequences quickly—24/7.


Secure and reliable

Independent app design eliminates the need for access to, or retention of, sensitive student and institutional data.

Screenshot of course selection tool* (click to enlarge)
* Please note that the screenshots above showcase our current beta version and may not reflect the full range of features and design elements planned for our upcoming release.
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